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Spurred by a passion to see people develop into their healthiest selves, I set out on a journey to become an Enneagram Coach in 2020. The Enneagram is so much more than a 'personality typing,' but rather a tool that can be used to navigate all life has in store for us.

When I'm not coaching I can be found with my family (my husband and boy-girl twins), reading a good book, doing some yoga, playing with our dog Sam, or baking macarons! I'm a lover of the Friends sitcom, good coffee and quiet moments.

Some fun stuff:

Enneagram Type: 2
Starbucks order: Americano Misto with soy or almond milk

Favourite Friends episode: Season 4 Episode 12 "The One with the Embryo's"

[Who else has this as one of their favourites? The game show style quiz Ross does and Rachel and Monica lose their apartment…such a great laugh!]

About Me: About Me
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