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You are more than a Meme

You are more than a MEME

Before I get into the bulk of this post, I have to address what an interesting word “meme” is. The definition of a meme from the Oxford Dictionary is: “a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by internet users.”

Memes have taken the internet by storm and are everywhere giving people’s opinions, emotions, remixing content to be funny, relatable and even cementing others beliefs from such simple bits of information. I like them, the can be stress relieving a way to laugh and learn but all good comes with another side.

As I have been building a bit more of a social media presence online this last month I find myself really struggling with what Enneagram content to put out in small snippets. It is so often over generalised and as such, misconstrued. The Enneagram is such a vast tool, and so much more than any meme could capture. Further, we are so much more than our enneagram stereotypes especially those countertypes.

If you’ve ever felt trapped by an Enneagram stereotype, below is a message to you:

Type 1 – You are more than just black and white.

Type 2 – You are more than people pleasers.

Type 3 – You are more than your ambition.

Type 4 – You are more than deep emotions.

Type 5 – You are more that introverted knowledge seekers.

Type 6 – You are more than just a ball of anxiety.

Type 7 – You are more than positivity and fun all the time.

Type 8 – You are more than challenging and assertive.

Type 9 – You are more than calm and a pushover.

The fact is, you could not identify with the cliché stigma given to your type at all.

The Enneagram at its core is all about the ‘why’ behind our behaviours. You are more than any meme and you are more than just a singular flat view of your type.

I hope as you read the fun content on social posted by me and others you know that if you’d like to learn and explore the enneagram at a deeper level it is out there. I laugh sometimes thinking about the Enneagram as an onion with lots of layers. Anything you absorb needs to fit for YOU, peel back as much as you want in the season you are in.

I am happy to support and guide you in your journey any way I can.


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